PAC 2.0!

Rewritten from the ground up

Warning: Games made in PAC 1.1 and below cannot be ported without extensive reworking, if you know very little about Fusion 2.5 it is recommended to keep working with PAC 1.1 or lower rather than porting your game to the newer PAC 2.0

  • Default Resolution is now 640x480 instead of 1024x768 (It is easy to scale it back up, but just remember to scale up some of the images too.
  • Books can now use Images (See the example file for details
    • You can also use Video Files (Windows Only) via the Optional Additions Frame
  • Panorama Mode has been added
  • Inventory now has 20 slots instead of 8
    • Inventory Items can now be selected
  • Commands! (Can be used instead of setting values to an object, see command comment for details)
  • A huge amount of options to edit in the settings object


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Sep 08, 2017

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